Decolonial Mental Health 

Solutions Inspired By Africa...


Decolonial Mental Health is driven to Provide Accessible, Relatable & Sustainable solutions that Promote Mental Health & Well-being within South African Organizations. 

We're driven to be a leading Consultancy in Transforming Wellness Ideology, Health-Seeking Behavior & Promoting Wellness Achievement withing South African Corporations, Government Institutions & the Non-Profit Sector. 


We provide Afro-Inspired & Evidence-Based Solutions to Contemporary Mental Health Challenges within South African Organizations.

Our Focus on Decolonial Psychology, Group Interventions & Positive Strengths Appraisal best positions us to Redefine Wellness Ideology within Organizational Cultures. 

Our Sustainable Solutions are designed to Build Capacity and Promote Wellness Achievement within Companies at Reduced Costs 


We're already living in a future where Afro-Inspired Mental Health & Wellness Services are Accessible to All South Africans. 

Our Unique Model positions us to lead in the design and provision of non-clinical alternatives to Mental Health & Wellness consultancy within South Africa and the rest of the world. 
The Future of Mental Health & Wellness Services is Decolonial in design.  


Clients & Partners.